FCS Select N' Go v3.5 (Free) [ C4D Plugin Add-on Tool ]

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Select N' Go exports the selected object/s from your project scene to a custom directory and Select N'Go has a batch insert importer of different file formats.

Select N' Go Animation Takes Exporter allows you to export FBX, ABC, GITF etc.... animation clips takes on the linked object from your scene in a multi-file output.

New Features:

  • Command Go Button Menu with Options Button (10x Better Workflow Production)
  • Flexibility UI Improvement's
New in Export Options:

  • Create & Save Export Options as Presets.
  • Center Object On Export.
  • Export Multi Selection as a Single Object File.

New in Import Options:

  • Batch Importer System & with UI.
  • Allow to Import objects with or without materials.
  • All Cinema 4D import formats have been added.

New in Animation Clip Takes Exporter:

  • Huge UI Improvement's and Workflow
  • Save Clip Takes as a project
  • Add Unlimited Animation Clip Takes
  • More export formats have been added (.FBX | .ABC | .GITF/.GIB | .OBJ | .C4D)

  • Recent Folder export menu button has been added.
  • Option to Open the export folder after exporting.
  • New: Allow to Add Export/Import Custom Formats Scene Filters
  • Message logs
  • Full Compatibility Support For R20/R21/S22-R22/R23
  • The plugin is now open-source, so feel free to look at the files if you a c4d plugin addon developer and need to learn from it or add.
  • Full Select N'Go v3 Online Manual


Command Go Button Menu

The Batch Importer

The New Animation Clip Takes Exporter

Select N'Go v2.0 Link: Select N'Go v2.0 Download


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Maxon Cinema 4D Compatibility:

All versions from R16 to S23


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FCS Select N' Go v3.5 (Free) [ C4D Plugin Add-on Tool ]

12 ratings
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